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I have declined to list grade level here. As instructors, you can deem whether the APPS below fit your grade level or not. Please note most books you use in your classes, can be found as interactive books for the IPAD (Three little pigs, Cat In The Hat etc).

1. Teach Me 1st Grade ($1.99) Contains first grade spelling, math, sight words, and spelling. The application has pictures and voice instructions as well as pronunciation of words. Students may spell words with the keypad or their finger.
2. Teach Me Kindergarden (.99) Much of this APP is the same as Teach Me 1st grade only includes colors, shapes and math and sight words used in Kindergarden.
3. Coloring (Free) Allows students to color pictures and draw pictures on the IPAD
4. Stack the States ($1.99) a game that teaches students the Geography of the Untied States including state landmarks, shapes, capitals, and cities. As a social studies teacher I HIGHLY recommend this APP.
5. HD Spelling ($1.99) Allows teachers to create their own spelling test including recording the word for students to hear before spelling the word. The Application then creates a quiz and grades the quiz when the student completes it. Excellent Application.
6. Sam Phibian (.99) A game that teaches counting and colors through a bug eating frog.
7. Treasure Hunt (.99) A game that uses spelling, telling time, and math to have a treasure hunter search for treasure.
8. Sparklefish (.99) teaches correct usage of the parts of speech verbs, nouns, etc through picking words and recording words into a story. This essentially is a "Madlibs" application for 2011.
9. Chicktionary for IPAd (Free) A word creation game where students make words out of given letters.
10. Googie Words (Free) List words and explains the meaning of those words. For example What is dehydration?
11. Brain Pop (Free) Gives a daily video on a topic relevant to elementary students. Most videos are 3-5 minutes. For example. What is the Moon? Why do some trees lose their leaves?
12. Tinker Box ($1.99) allows the student to make mechanical inventions using parts such as levers, pulleys, etc in order to complete an assigned task like moving a ball from one point to another or moving a feather across a bridge.
13. Math Board ($1.99) Allows students to work on multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. There are examples of how to complete problems and teachers can make quizzes as long or as short as they would like and the quizzes are graded upon completion by the student.
14. Read Me Stories (Free) Interactive Stories that read along with the reader. The application also pronounces words if the student clicks on specific words.
15. Dr. Suess's ABC ($3.99) Teaches the basics of letters and reading using famous Dr. Suess stories.
16. Story Wheel (Free) allows students to tell a story orally after viewing pictures. When their story is done it is read back to them.
17. Make Change (.99) An APP that teaches students not only how to count money, but teaches them math values along with the understanding of money. There are games included with this APP centering on counting money.
18. Math Ninja HD (Free) a math game that uses simple math problems to complete "Ninja task"
19. Geo Master (Free) Identify the states by name, capital, and Abbreviation.
20. 3D Sun (Free) tracks the sun via satellites and shows images of the sun and explains all things relevant to the sun such as solar flares.
21. Geo Photo (Free) type any location in the world and see pictures of that location as well the location on the map. Uses satellite photos as well. Even Forestburg has pictures!
22. The Presidency (Free) has information on the office and pictures and information on every man to have ever been elected to the office.
23. Simple Mind (.99) lets students create mind maps on any topic they may be studying including pictures.
24. Toy Story Read Along (Free) An interactive reading story that allows the reading to interact with the story as it is read.
25. ABC Phonics Sight words (Free) Covers basic sight words including pronunciation of the words.