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1. Planets- (Free) A great look at the solar system using live telescope images and the like
2. 3D Muscular Quiz- (Free) Great Application that quizzes students over the muscles in the body in a quiz format. Shows muscle pictures and diagrams.
3. Periodic Table- (Free) Shows the entire table and all relevant information needed regarding the elements.
4. Video Science (Free) Videos of simple science experiments in five minutes or less. Can replace labs in a short and fast format.
5. Science Glossary (Free) An entire glossary of science vocabulary complete with examples and practical use in the science field.
6. Gems and Minerals ($1.99) A complete reference guide to minerals and gems complete with pictures.
7. Bilogy Glossary ($1.99) A complete reference guide to all things relevant in the filed of biology. Includes pictures and references for further reading.
8. Chemstry Reference Guide (.99) A full reference guide with search application to equations, elements, and terms used in the field of chemistry.
9. Science 360 for IPAD (Free) The NSF provides breaking news, videos, regarding science and engineering. A current events of science so to speak.
10. Science Lab (Free) Provides students with an outline in the scientific process including vocabulary and concepts grouped by objective.

1. Story Kit (Free) Students can write their own story adding voice and picture to the story as well. Students can also add video with their story as well. Excellent writing application.
2. Blanks (1.99) Students insert the correct word into sentences. Excellent APP for preparing for ACT and SAT as well as expanding vocabulary and understanding of that vocabulary.
3. IBOOKS (Free) Contains thousands of free books especially in the "classics" realm as well as the newest books available for download.
4. Strip Creator ($2.99) Allows students to create their own comic books. Easy to use and excellent user interface.
5. English Idioms Illustrated (Free) Explains the history and meaning of hundreds of English Idioms.
6. Exam Vocabulary Builder (Free) Expands students vocabulary and language proficiency through quizzes and practical application including sentence building.
7. Chicktionary for IPAD (Free) A word game that requires students to build words using letters and then make five, six, seven, and eight letter words.
8. Shakespeare (Free) Contains Shakespeare's works, including modern day interpretations of his classical works.

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1. Mathboard (1.99) Allows students to work on math problems from addition and subtraction to division, to fractions. Creates and grades quizzes and tracks progress of students.
2. Iformulas (free) Has all the relevant formulas needed for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Students can enter a problem and see the formula they need to reference to complete that problem.
3. Number Line (Free) A program that deals with fractions and decimals and teaches students how to use the two.
4. Quick Graph (Free) Creates 2D and 3d Graphs. Fully replaces the graphing calculator and allows to plot multiple problems on one graph and differentiate them by color and or design.
5. Units (Free) converts units quick and easily. 1 gallon is 128 ounces etc.
6. Algebra Boss Lite (Free) An algebra calculator that displays and plots quadratic equations and equations of a line.
7. Algebra (Free) over 1000 algebra lessons with a video to each lesson. Great for students who are troubling with a certain lesson. Also includes algebra test prep for the ACT
8. Geometry (Free) Same application as the Algebra application only dealing with Geometry.
9. Geometry Test (Free) Offers questions dealing with geometry that students answer. The application grades their responses and offers insight to those they missed.
10. Kahn Academy: Trigonometry (Free) Students can download videos/lessons on Trig concepts and watch how problems are solved in the videos. The videos offer step by step solving methods to the problem. Also compatible with Iphone and Ipod.
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1. Soundhound (Free) Simply tap on sound hound when a song is playing and sound hound identifies the name of the song, album, and artist.
2. Virtuoso Piano (Free) A virtual piano that teaches the user how to play the piano through tutorials.
3. forscore ($4.99) Comprises all of your sheet music into one library. Also takes any sheet music in PDF off the web and adds to your library as well. Take a picture of sheet music and it will place it in your library and adjust it as well.
4. RJ Voyager (Free) allows students to "create" music adding beats, tempos, etc. Students can also add images to their "beat" as well.
5. Guitar free with songs (Free) learn to play the guitar. Comes included with free songs and tutorials.
6. Rhythm in Reach ($3.99) Quizzes students on how to read music. Comes with test, quizzes, and progress on reading music.